Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mmmmmmm, pig...

Did anyone see this NY Times article on how to roast your own pig?

NY Times Article - Do-it-Yourself Pig Roast

As much as I love a roast pig, we definitely won't be roasting one in our tiny backyard - nothing like having a wood deck surrounded by a lot of wood fencing to kill that idea, though the husband is determined to one day have his own tandoor oven out back so that he can make his own naan bread but more on that topic another time.

Continuing on the pig theme, this was my birthday present from my best friend:

Yes, that is a pig-shaped cutting board and a cookbook entitled "Seduced by Bacon". These are not the first bacon-related gifts I've received, which somewhat scares me. I guess I'm just that obvious.


Jennifer said...

AH, the beloved pig. I don't think there's anything better. David Venable on QVC calls it "Divine Swine"....and I would have to agree.

Not too long ago, Apt. Therapy posted a question-"Do you name your kitchen utensils?" I think you should name your cutting board "Porky" or "Wilbur." Just a suggestion.:)

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