Friday, July 23, 2010

Speaking of animals

We're in Vermont for the weekend. Specifically in a tiny town reasonably close to Waterbury. We're in such a remote part of the state that we have no cell service - tho we are with AT&T so that's not saying much (fewer bars in more places, as the husband likes to say). A flock of geese just went honking by.The most unusual animal we've seen so far is a mini donkey - it was really cute! I was driving on a highway so I couldn't snap a pic.

The reason we're here in Vermont is to attend the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival. The husband loves cheese, so he should be in cheese heaven - I think there will be 30 cheese makers (cow, goat, sheep and whatever else they can milk). Luckily there will be multiple wineries, breweries and artisanal food products including our latest obsession, the Vermont Brownie Company. First we're off to eat at Hen of the Woods, a restaurant that Mark Bittman raved about in the NY Times a few years ago. I suspect I'm going to have a stomach ache by the end of the weekend.


Jennifer said...

A mini donkey sounds adorable! I hope you have a lovely weekend!!!!!

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