Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I will spend $ on ice cream, but not on this belt

I haven't been shopping much lately, partly because I'm bored with what I've seen and partly because I loaded up with new items last month so I don't need anything for the time being. I've also been obsessing with exterior house renovations (minor cosmetic but still expensive work), landscaping (I think I need a landscape designer!) and re-decorating our two guest bedrooms (need inexpensive quality furniture - does that exist?). Since I'm distracted these days, it has to be fairly outrageous fashion item to get my attention. This belt did the trick:

This came my way via the daily Zoe Report. I'm really into sashes, and this one from Prada in Nappa white leather is particularly elegant. However, it's $710!!! For a belt! I may pay that price for a pair of Prada shoes but that seems absurd for a belt - who would buy this? I think I'm going back to my decorating magazines to try and find a queen-sized bed for under that price.


Jennifer said...

Wow.I nearly choked on my sandwich.That's a PRICEY belt!

I've never been in this particular store-but I've heard good things about Metamorphosis on Mass Ave. as far as furniture goes. Good luck!

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