Monday, July 12, 2010

Playing with my food

It was a weekend of experimenting - for starters, I made David Lebovitz' peanut slaw which I first saw over on Jill's blog. I really liked the non-mayo based slaw, but I would recommend using lime juice for a more authentic asian flavor - the lemon that I used was too overwhelming and a bit jarring with the peanut butter for our taste. I'll also use toasted sesame seed oil in place of the vegetable oil the next time to further reinforce the asian theme.

The second new ingredient was whole Spanish mackerel, which made my 3rd fish meal in a week. We grilled them whole, head and tail on, after I had the relatively straightforward joy of gutting them. They're not the prettiest of looking fish (are any of them, truly?), and particularly not when I start playing with its head. Here's a bad shot after I pulled the lower jaw down and to make its tongue stick out - picture the fish going "ahhhhhhh" like you do in the doctor's office. That's just how mature I am at dinner these days...


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