Thursday, February 10, 2011

Notice anything about yesterday's post?

There are no pictures.

It was sort-of on purpose - I didn't really think about it beforehand to tote the behemoth camera (I think I'm going to have to name the Nikon), though I'm not sure I would have wanted to bring it out in the rain. I also went flying on a patch of ice on the way home one of the nights and landed on my backside, which wouldn't have been any prettier had I been carrying a bulky camera.

The real reason why I didn't bring it with me is that I'm not ready to start whipping out a massive camera to snap pictures of my food (or other people's food) in the middle of dinner. It's one thing if it's just the husband and I, but one of the nights we were out with friends and I didn't think it would have been appropriate to interrupt the flow of the conversation.

So am I being overly self-conscious about this?


Jennifer said...

First of all-OUCH! I hope you have recovered from the fall. I love Winter, but the patches of ice right now are SO dangerous.

I don't think you're being overly self conscious. I feel the same way about people snapping photos of dinner as I do an errant wedding guest snapping away during the vows. You are completely justified.:)

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