Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A not-so-successful purchase - now what?

I've finally found a food that I would rather eat the mass-market version than a gourmet product.

That would be a marshmallow.

I love marshmallows. Almost as much as I love meringue. There's something about their spongy airiness that gets me every time. Since I also love all things gourmet/artisanal, I assumed I would love artisanal marshmallows.

I'm also highly suggestible. I'm generally successful with my impulsive purchases, but I guess I was due for a misstep. So combine my highly suggestible nature with my love of marshmallows, is anyone surprised that I ended up buying some after reading this beautiful blog post by Eat Boutique?

And yes, that's four flavours that you see in the picture. Since shipping can be expensive, I might as well get the most for it, so Salty Caramel swirl, Chocolate Chipotle, Chai Spice, and Vanilla Bean went into the shopping cart. 

We tore into the Salty Caramel as soon as I unwrapped the package. I had such high expectations... and I was so seriously disappointed. The flavour was fine (really, what does a marshmallow taste like, anyways?) but it was the texture that put me off - soft gooeyness that really wasn't appealing. I guess I need a bit more spring or bite from the commercial versions. I suspect it has to do with the corn syrup, which was not an ingredient in the marshmallows from 240sweet.

So while it may seem like a silly question, what the hell do I do with four bags of this stuff that isn't appealing when eaten alone? Keep in mind it's the height of winter in the Northeast and our fireplace isn't working or else I'd try making s'mores. It also seems blasphemous to use them for rice crispie squares but perhaps I should just give in and use them up that way. I might try turning them into chocolate-covered marshmallows, or I'll throw them into my next batch of ice cream, or I might even use them in hot chocolate, though that means a lot of cups of cocoa to get through this stash. Hmmm, maybe the rice crispies aren't a bad idea after all...


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