Monday, July 25, 2011

Seasonal Eating

Thanks to the iPad, we've given up a most of our hard-copy subscriptions to magazines and newspapers for the convenience of electronic delivery, but we've learned that food magazines just aren't the same. But since we have an electronic subscription to Saveur, the husband decided to peruse our electronic magazine collection to catch up on back issues. The magazine library elicited a loud "September? #%*$^!" and sure enough, September is the most recent issue. The husband continued to mutter for the next 10 mins ("September, wtf?"), which is understandable since it is only the middle of July and at a gazillion degrees, fall feels a long long way off. And July means peaches, berries and lots and lots of cherries in our kitchen.

We were a little enthusiastic on the amount of cherries we thought we could eat. Once we realized we couldn't eat the large bag of cherries before they went bad, I decided to give the Serious Eats Cherry-Amaretto Tart recipe a try. We didn't have enough cherries for a full tart, but a half-recipe made 5 cute little tartlets.

These are so not as pretty as the ones made by Tea and Scones, but damn they were good. How can you go wrong with mascarpone, shortbread cookies, and fresh cherries lightly cooked in amaretto?

Next up on the seasonal eating theme - goat cheese and roasted cherry ice cream...


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