Friday, July 29, 2011

How much eating can we cram into 8 hours? Turns out, a lot

We've been to Seattle before, but it's been 4 years - and this time round we did not get to visit the hot new food trucks like Marination (spam sushi!) or Skillet, nor did we get to try a recently featured shop on Unique Sweets (the Confectional that makes mini-cheesecakes), partly because we were only in town for 8 hours over two days, and one of those days was the fourth when almost everything was closed.

This post is intended to counter the Portland posts, where we took tons of pictures. I don't have even one pic to share from our time in Seattle. Can I just substitute a pic of Vancouver and call it a day?

In any case, the highlights of our 8 hours in this lovely town were:

  • Visiting the Capitol hill neighborhood. While meeting up with friends for brunch, we were in line in a coffee shop ahead of a cross-dresser. The cross-dressers I've encountered up close are usually extremely well put together with much better makeup than I could possibly muster, but this guy had on a negligee, a garter belt, stockings and high heels, and no makeup whatsoever. It looked like he got dressed and gave up. When we mentioned this guy to our friends, they indicated that this was a perfectly normal occurrence for the area. After all, this is a neighborhood with a weekly dodge-ball league.
  • Eating at Tom Douglas' Lola restaurant. It was a beautiful afternoon, warm and sunny, so what better way to kill time before our flight by having drinks and a meal on the sidewalk patio at Lola in Belltown? It would have been idyllic, had we not planted ourselves in the midst of a loud, obnoxious group...of Lions Club members. Who knew the over-60 set could be so annoying? Nursing a St-Germain cocktail helped, as did the wonderful appetizers. We haven't found good Mediterranean food in Boston, so we happily munched on some meze and kebabs. For dessert, we had the much-touted doughnuts, which are fried beignets, coated with cinnamon sugar and served with mascarpone and strawberry dipping sauces. They were really good, but I doubt I had the food-gasm look that Giada DiLaurentis made when she ate them on her travel show. At least, I hope I didn't look like that because that would just be dorky.
  • Eating at Tom Douglas' Serious Pie restaurant. Around the corner from Lola is the chef's well-regarded pizza joint. The husband was determined to try the pizza and I wasn't about to stop him - though this is the man who thought we could "pop into Naples to try their pizza", which turned in to a 2 hour hellish experience. He ordered a truffle pizza to go and ate most of it while waiting for our red-eye flight home. I was too full from Lola's to even think about taking a bite, but it made for a good breakfast the next day, what was left of it.
We capped off our trip by watching the Fourth of July fireworks from the freezing comfort of the JetBlue gate waiting area. And that was that. Thanks for a great 8 hours, Seattle - hope to be back sometime soon.


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