Friday, August 6, 2010

Not just a weekend of eating

We're off to NYC tomorrow for a very quick 2-day trip - we don't mind the ~3.5 hour drive to spend just one night in the city. Normally the primary reason for our trips to NYC is to eat, which we will do as per usual (I like to maximize the number of meals we can have in as many different places in a short amount of time - I'm aiming for 10 in 2 days). However, this time we're making the trip to buy a mattress. The husband found Keetsa, a brand of eco-friendly mattresses that are reasonably priced, unlike the organic mattresses that I found in the Boston-area for $3000+ for a queen-size! Of course Keetsa doesn't have a retail location in Boston and I refuse to buy one without trying it out, so off we go. Here's hoping we come back on Sunday night with full bellies and a heavenly mattress!


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