Tuesday, August 10, 2010

David Lebovitz and Doughnuts

I think I need to follow this man around NYC - not that I'm a stalker or anything, it's just that he seems to be in the know of places to go. We have been to the Doughnut Plant, though not on the most recent trip - 80+ weather isn't really conducive to doughnut consumption. I'm horrified to see that he didn't try the creme brulee doughnut, which somehow manages to perfectly capture the creme brulee experience in doughnut form. The tres leches doughnut is a close second, though I don't know what 3 milks could be in there.

The first time we went, we stood in line and noticed the two burly men ahead of us buying 3 doughnuts each. We each bought one doughnut and went outside to eat them, where we noticed the two burly men wolfing down their first doughnut and proceeding immediately to their second. After I had my first bite of the creme brulee one, I too wolfed it down, turned around and went back inside to stand in line again. I think I bought another 6 doughnuts and ate 3 of them on the drive home. That was not the smartest thing to do and I didn't eat doughnuts for 6 months after that. They're worthwhile trekking into the depths of Lower East Side though!

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