Tuesday, May 31, 2011

London's Borough Market (pictures re-loaded)

Since we like to eat when we travel, we like to visit local markets to get a pretty quick flavor of what the city has to offer food-wise, so I was psyched to hear our hotel in London was a short walk to Borough Market, a foodie destination for locals and tourists alike. Unfortunately, my first morning in London consisted of me being jet-lagged and not hungry. I don't recommend losing your appetite when your first destination of the day is a gourmet food market. The husband happily ate, while I tagged along behind him, taking a few pictures and occasionally sampling some food if my stomach felt up to it.

Borough Market isn't a huge market so it's fairly easy to navigate, but the map was helpful:

I liked the multicultural and colorful nature of the vendors - we strolled past a large bubbling pot of chicken korma, a fully-stocked wine stand, butchers with meat pies, a Spanish food store, a little French bakery, and so on. I think the most unusual thing I noticed was Croatian olive oil, though we didn't stop to sample. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures since there were explicit signs at a number of the stalls banning photography. I did manage to get these shots tho:

Chicken Korma in a giant paella pan
If it weren't 10am, I would have considered a drink...

Mmmm, cheesy goodness...

Haggis! (We didn't try this)

All in all, Borough Market was a great first stop in our eating tour of London - highly recommend it if you'd like a glimpse of all sorts of international goodies, though be prepared to fight the crowds!


Jennifer said...

LOVE this post-and I love the diagram of the markets as if they were cuts of meat! Sorry your tummy was uncooperative!

PharmaFoodie said...

Thanks - the map of the market cracked me up so I had to take the pic!

Anonymous said...

Love the map! Gosh, I want to visit London SO bad. Everything looks so delish!

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