Monday, March 14, 2011

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

Anyone remember Zazu from the Lion King? That's the song he sung to entertain Scar...

So why am I thinking about coconuts? Well, I've become a big fan of coconut water over the last 6 months - apparently it's an excellent sports drink because of all the electrolytes it contains, but doesn't have all the sugar. I'm not particularly brand loyal, but I did notice at our local Whole Foods upon our return from Puerto Rico that Zico now offers a liter size box.
Zico coconut water
I promptly picked up two liter containers and dropped them in our shopping cart, but the husband made a disgusted noise and said sadly "It's not the same..." I laughed but understood his comment completely, because just the day before, we were drinking these babies:
Cocos frios

Talk about coconut water fresh from the source - the vendor hacks open the young coconut (usually with a machete), sticks a straw in and it's ready to drink. It's wonderfully refreshing on a hot sunny day by the beach, and pouring coconut water out of a box into a glass on a chilly, cloudy New England day just doesn't compare.


Angustia said...

Although I still enjoy the bottled versions, there is nothing like drinking it right out of the one-seeded drupe. Glad you like it as well. Ever eat the fresh coconut flesh/meat? Also, delicious!

PharmaFoodie said...

I love the fresh coconut meat and it seems like such a waste to throw it all away once the water is gone, but it's not exactly feasible to get at without a machete in hand - and we're not exactly the type to travel with one of those handy... :-)

Jennifer said...

Ahhhh, coconut water. It is delicious stuff!

I love The Lion King-I do believe it was the last great animated film.

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