Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Food for Thought - Random Creatures

I may have a slight fascination with unusual meats (see prior post here). It's not an obsession yet and I certainly don't feel the urge to eat exotic creatures, but here are some stories in the news this week that I found amusing and wanted to share:

Serious Eats The Nasty Bits - Frog Soup
I've got a stomach of steel and most things don't bother me, like the baby chicken with head and feet still attached. Hell, I've dissected frogs in college. But even this post made me a little squeamish, though I did chuckle at it.

Threats keep Arizona eatery's lion tacos off menu
No one wants to believe that I found lion at a local butcher shop (Savenor's) - the most of comment that I get is "did you mean loin?". I wonder if Savenor's experienced the same reaction from the public as this restaurant did...

Chris Cosentino Tells Vanity Fair How He Would've Made Lady Gaga's Meat Dress (Vanity Fair story and Grub Street Boston recap) 
Speaking of meat, but perhaps put this in a category of someone who likes meat waaaay too much...

Cash-Strapped Bergen, N.J. To Fight Snow With ‘Pickle Juice’
Obviously not meat-related, but in the downright awesome category. I guess it's ok - it is compostable, right?


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