Wednesday, October 6, 2010


You would think after my recent ice cream kick that I'd be visiting every gelateria that we could find. Believe it or not, we only went to two for a grand total of 3 gelato tastings. And I have no pictures of any of the flavours we tried or the places we went to. We just ate them.

We went to the same one in Rome twice, at the top of the list of Elizabeth Minchilli's roundup of gelato in Rome. Damn it was good. She's right when we says it's hard to find - it's tucked away in a maze of alleyways. The first time we actually didn't have any problem tracking the shop down, but the second time (a week later), it took us easily a half hour of walking in circles coming from the Vatican to get our bearings.  Gelateria del Teatro's offerings were worth the crankiness that ensued as we tried to find it again. The tiramisu was tasty, but the pistachio made from Sicilian nuts was divine. After having the epitome of gelato, I think I'm hanging up my ice cream making skills for a while and just live off the memory. That and the Venchi chocolate that we brought back - that'll keep me going for a while.


Jennifer said...

believe it or not, I've never had gelato! It sounds amazing!!!!

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